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Our Promise: You will become safe Driver & Pass your Manual Driving Test  with our Manual Driving School in Melbourne

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Intensive Test route Practice
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Ex Test Officers
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We Come To You
We Cover Most Southeastern Suburbs
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We Come To You
We Cover Most Southeastern Suburbs
Pickups From Home or VicRoads


We Teach Everything You Need To Know
Emergency Situations
Avoid Accidents & Driving Safely

Am I right? You need to learn a manual car because you need it for your work

We know you love the thrill with a manual car but you are only scared of balancing the clutch and changing gears without losing focus on the road. This is our speciality; our tutors help you gain confidence in combining all these factors to enjoy driving.

We train you to stay safe on roads, manage your fuel efficiency and most of all help you clear your driving test

Besides confidence and driving skills, we focus on functionality and maintenance of your car. How and when you engage gears largely influences the mechanical condition of your car. We train you on clutch balancing; it is also a fuel economizing technique. Manual cars save on time and money; the fact that you can control speed and fuel consumption is important in the 21st century, which is characterized by inadequate resources.

We make manual driving lessons a fun: Feel the Thrill of manual cars

et’s be honest, the fun in driving is in changing gears and controlling fuel consumption as well as speed. If you have been driving an automatic car for years and would like to try a shift stick, we are here for you. We ensure you are conversant with all theories before driving a manual car.

Manual Car for Tradies
We choose to focus on the manual transmission because of the demand for manual drivers in Melbourne area useful for tradies, truck drivers, van drivers etc; we appreciate technological advancements to do with automotive where everything is computerized including gear engagement. However, we still want to maintain the prestige that only comes with full control of your car. We believe manual transmission boosts a driver’s confidence, which is vital on the road.
Let’s get Serious! About our manual driving course

We believe it is important to learn why you change gears to understand when and how to step on the clutch and shift the gears. However, our manual driving school is not for the sake of shifting gears; you need to understand the function of a clutch. Our driving instructors go beyond driving to train you on car maintenance.

Meet our Manual driving Instructors in Melbourne:
Our driving tutors don’t rush through the course; mastery of skills and comfortability of drivers is our goal. By the time you complete our manual driving lesson, you should be confident and equipped with all skills and safety guidelines in driving. We encourage drivers to buy or rent a manual car during and after attending our manual driving school to work on experience and confidence.

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