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3 Lessons & A Test $240
5 Lessons & A Test $320
10 Lessons & A Test $500
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5 Lessons & A Test $370
10 Lessons & A Test $600
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5 Lessons & A Test $495
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Our Driving Lessons in Dandenong and Dandenong South


Learners (L to P) to Probationary License Driving Lessons

For Learners Who Are Completing Their 120 Hours of Supervised Driving (L TO P driving lessons). Plus help you clear driving test. We have a driving car (Toyota CORROLA) to train you. Become a Safe P Plater. We normally charge $60 per hour for a driving lesson. We have bulk packages. Ask us for bulk classes discount. In these classes, we will train you in different driving routes, road conditions and different timing. As, it is important for learners to drive during the night times, daytimes, peak times, tough roads conditions, while its raining, when the roads are slippery etc. These classes will make you a better and confident driver.


Driving Lessons for Overseas Drivers and License Holders

For Overseas License Holder Who Wish To Learn Road Rules And Defensive Driving. We have manual and automatic driving packages with few driving classes and drive test. The most popular package is three 60 minutes lessons plus drive test for $295 (3 Lessons & A Test $295). Three to Four classes would be sufficient for overseas drivers, we teach you through the official driving routes all over Melbourne, we explain you the checklist a driving examiner would be measuring and our driving instructor would act as an examiner to provide you pointers to make sure you don’t make those mistakes during your actual test.


Intensive Driving Lesson

This is for drivers who are safe drivers and are confident driving. If you want to clear your driving test with limited time span (if your driving test is coming up in a week or two weeks) then this is the right package for you. Our suggestion would be “three 60 minutes lessons plus drive test for $295 (3 Lessons & A Test $295)”. Three to Four classes would be sufficient as a refresher, we teach you through the official driving routes in all Melbourne, explain you the checklist a driving examiner would be looking out for and act as an examiner to provide you pointers to avoid mistakes.


Emergency Driving Lessons - Suitable for drivers who has driving test in 2 to 3 days.

There are not many experienced manual and automatic driving instructors available with a driving car and the few available are fully booked. Our driving instructors are available in each and every suburb so the availability for the manual and automatic instructor is very high. If you have a manual or automatic driving test anywhere in Melbourne coming up in 2 to 3 days and need an emergency driving instructor, then we have a package for you. 1 class for 60 minutes to give you pointers and driving test for  $185(1 Lesson & A Test $185).

–    A driving school in Dandenong, Noble Park, Springvale, Clayton, Rowville, Narre Warren, Berwick, Cranbourne and nearby suburbs area you can always depend upon.

Driving school dandenong- Vic Roads Dandenong

Pick up from home or reaching Dandenong South VIC Roads Office:

Vic road Dandenong South

72-74 Greens road Dandenong Victoria 3175

Driving test conducted at VicRoads Dandenong South.

It is a busy industrial area, so be aware of traffic from driveways!  This is the only Vic Roads office close to south-eastern suburbs like Noble Park, Springvale, Clayton, Rowville, Narre Warren, Berwick, Cranbourne and nearby suburbs

Pick up from home or reaching from Dandenong to Dandenong South:

Based on your preferences, whether you want to start the lesson from your place or from nearest VicRoads office (Address: 60/64 Greens Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175, Mel-way Street Directory reference 95 G3). You can get there by Bus 890 (Stop Greens Rd/Williams Rd), metro train (get off Dandenong station), drive there (enter to the car park from Greens Road) or with the help of PTV journey planner.

Driving test conducted at VicRoads Dandenong South:

Driving test conducted by VicRoads Dandenong South is mostly on busy industrial areas, so be aware of traffic from driveways!

Sometimes traffic can become crazy if you drive too slowly, so please drive as per the law and the speed limit and maintain a good flow with traffic!

When you will be driving on a road with speed zones of 60k to 80k, it will be a continuous drive for a while. You must confidently maintain your speed during this drive.

Get lessons on Dandenong’s tricky intersections (Example: Dandenong Bypass, Hammond road) where drivers usually make errors!

Get yourself familiar with driving on Dandenong and surrounding suburb roads, as they are full of different types of traffic conditions.

We will teach you the correct lateral position (far left side rather close to centre of the road) on the wider roads there!

A driving school in Dandenong where you can blindly trust.

Life was so easy when we were kids. There was not much hassle. The parents used to drop us to the school and pick up from there. But now when we have to travel our own, relying on public transport every time for the workplace, festivals etc. are not convenient. Learning driving skills is necessary as any other skill to get ahead in your life and thus to reduce your dependence on others. Being an independent is not just about being able to earn money on its own, but it’s more about relying on you for everything and not on anyone else. Nowadays the entire cities are designed by roads and the highways and are very difficult to travel without the cars or any other personal transport. This decides that if we have to cope up with the speed of today’s generation. We have to learn the driving skills. But now the question arises which driving school in Dandenong is the best? It is difficult to determine that but here we would keep some points in front of you which will prove that ours is the best.

driving school dandenong

  • The most beneficial part of our driving school in Dandenong is that we provide highly comfortable and the convenient driving lessons in Dandenong.

  • The timings of our lessons are easily adjusted purely according to you and that suits you the best.
  • Experience matters, yes, we agree with the fact and thus we offer the most professional experience instructors.
  • To enhance the level of the confidence and competence in you
  • To mould you into the safer and smarter driver
  • We pick up and drop you at the most preferred location that suits you the most
  • The fees are less and the quality is high

The main mission of our driving school in Dandenong is to turn you into the potential drivers that are capable enough to drive safely and conveniently on roads.

The lives of a driver are always at risk and to reduce the chances of any mishap, we focus on teaching the best safe driving to our every student.

Our organization knows the fact, that cheaper is not always better, but here we only reduce the charges not the quality

Our organization has a team of the best hardworking and dedicated professional experts. The best and the unique qualities of our driving instructors includes –

  • They are licensed and driving instructors
  • They are well experienced in teaching and handling the entire emergency situation.
  • Experienced professionals, as we only hire professionals that have a minimum experience of 3 years
  • They are both medically and physically fit to train you in an effective way.
  • Has leadership qualities to teach you efficiently
  • Our instructors have the best communication skills to teach you in a flexible way and they are intuitive also that is they can detect your mood and can control your pace accordingly
  • They are patient enough to handle your worst mood swings

Driving Lessons for Everyone in Melbourne:

driving lessons Melbourne

The most adventurous thing while learning driving is the fact that finally, we will be driving on our own. We can take the family to parties, dinner etc. interesting isn’t it? By merely learning driving we can do a lot of tasks easily that was difficult for us.

You know the most interesting part of our driving school in Dandenong. We don’t rely on time. Yes, you heard it right. Even if you buy a package of certain hours, we won’t force you to complete you’re driving in that passage of time. You can learn at your pace. The timings are flexible.

There are the list of some things that need to take care of while learning driving –

  • Keep yourself in a good and the comfortable position.
  • Learn all the driving skills carefully and be curious while learning to take the most out of your lessons
  • Stay calm. Sometimes when we don’t get what someone is teaching or we are not able to perform that task properly. We hurry up and tangle everything. Staying calm and composed during the lessons is much needed.
  • Take care of the vehicles near you. Proper usage of the side mirrors should be done to avoid any kind of accident or mishap.
  • Use horn and indicators 2- 3 minutes before turning to alert the other vehicles
  • Don’t jump the traffic signals and thus must follow all the traffic rules properly

A few highlights of our driver training program are as below:

Comprehensive Lessons on Driving

Learning should fun and we stand by that motto. Keeping in mind precisely the learning curve and the practice hours to reach perfection, our course in driving lessons is a total of 120 hours. The complete driving course will not only help you gain the necessary skills for passing the driving test but it will also enable you to completely train yourself in driving a vehicle.

Over a duration of 120 hours, you will be constantly trained, educated and tested in each and every avenue of driving. From learning various driving rules to practice lessons on certain driver moments, the driving lessons are completely focused on teaching you the necessities of careful driving and how it can impact you and others around you.

Intensive Learning

Another major highlight of the driving course we offer is intensive learning. We make it a point to intensively train people who want to clear their driving tests in a short span. In such cases, we often tutor people by taking few driving lessons such 3-4 sessions per class and center the learning around rules, safety precautions and mindful methods of driving rather than practice.

The objective of the course is to imbibe the realization of how to drive keeping in mind the safety regulations and achieve the best of your driving learning in Dandenong when you appear for the driving test.

Refresher Lesson for Overseas Drivers

Our major offering is that our driving lessons in Dandenong are available for everyone; locals and overseas people alike. In order to specifically cater to the needs of the drivers coming from overseas, we feature refresher lessons for them.

These lessons are curated by our team of professional experts to help you get more of a refresher course in driving. We understand that you know the basics of driving and see to it that the course helps you remind only the essentials to consider when driving in another country. Also, the major differences between driving in your country and Australia are highlighted to help you understand what is it that you must do differently.

Preparation for Immediate Driving Test

In case of emergency driver tests, we offer class packages for students who have already booked for a driving test that is coming up immediately. Our driving lessons package in Dandenong includes one lesson with driving test and car for such students. We identify the need to immediately get a driving license and hence, are prepared to offer lessons which can get through in the nick of the time.

The lesson is consolidated with rapid learning in terms of the driving lesson and a quick demo to make you understand how to apply the theory in practice. In order to ensure the success of the student, we also throw in one driving test to judge the ability of the student and suggest pointers to improve their skills if need be.

Imparted Learning

We understand the need of some people to join a driving school in Dandenong for the sake of passing the driving test and our instructors are well versed with some of the common mistakes which can cost you the test. During the lessons, our trainers observe, monitor and track your progress in real-time.

The instructors often suggest crucial tips, pivotal techniques, and improvement pointers in order to help you clear the test. Post the completion of lessons our trainers also impart some last minute advice and suggestions to help improve your driving skills even more for absolute success.

Manual Driving Lessons

People often apply for a driving test considering to become a tradie. Identifying the need to train such individuals, our driving school considers teaching not only rules and regulations but also parking maneuvers, driving cars with manual transmissions, lessons on how to drive trucks and carriers and many more.

Automatic Driving Lessons

With the advent of technology, cars have now become sporting automatic transmissions, especially some high-end models and brands. At our driving schools, our lessons revolve around how to drive cars with manual as well as automatic transmission. Our school features a myriad of cars sporting both manual and automatic gearbox so as to give our students a complete feel depending on the type of car they are willing to drive.

The theory course for gaining driving license –

Driving license plays an equally important and crucial role. And, thus before the practical exam, you need to clear all your theory papers. And thus here we are again offering you with the best. Yes, you heard it right we provide you with the best and the special package that needs to be prepared by you in the easiest and the efficient way.

Now, the question arises that,

If you are still confused by your decision that why choose us over other driving schools in Dandenong?

driving school Melbourne

How can you turn into a potential driver?

To meet the requirements of a good driver you have to fulfill the following criteria –

  • Make sure you have a proper license
  • The car you travel in should have proper working parts for an easy journey.
  • The learning license should be maintained for the smooth learning experience.
  • The skills should be polished well in the time that will help you turn into a professional and the skilled driver

The prices of our lessons are the least as in comparison to other competitors as we don’t charge extra for our services. The payment mode is easy and can be done after the sessions. Our sessions are high in demand due to our high-quality instructors and even our vehicles are dual controlled to drive safely. We focus on keeping the client safe and focused while driving. The reasons to choose our driving school Dandenong are mentioned above and are enough to let you become a skillful driver. The vision of our school is to polish and upgrade your skills to the extent that you will not need anyone else again to travel. You can even consult our professionals for the choice of the course that best suits you and your skills. We also have license oriented courses to achieve your driving license in the only first attempt.

For the finest driving lessons in town and for the most amazing and professional experience during learning, consult our team and we would help you discover your potential as a driver.

You know the best part about our driving school is our instructors.

As our instructors understand the value of a good instructor in this learning process. An instructor is someone you should feel comfortable with while you are in the car. Some of the best qualities of our instructors are the following –

driving test Melbourne

  • Our driving school in Dandenong has a legal license – we have a legal permit to teach the clients that how to drive.
  • Highly experienced – we have taught a number of people how to drive the car to train you better. We can manage students with different learning capabilities.
  • Low-cost fee structure – by low cost we don’t mean we adjust the quality. We are known for our high-quality services only and standby on our words to provide this quality even in the lowest possible prices.
  • Features of a driving school – review our features thoroughly to understand the way we teach, our terms and conditions, advantages of learning from our school, our standard, etc. We even have a set of the special course for the senior citizens, beginners, up gradation courses etc.

You know the best part about our driving school is our instructors. As our instructors understand the value of a good instructor in this learning process. An instructor is someone you should feel comfortable with while you are in the car. Some of the best qualities of our instructors are the following

  • Highly qualified – we only hire licensed instructors that have passed our teaching test in the first attempt. And have a minimum of 3 years of experience.
  • Intuitive – our trainers are magicians in detecting whether and when a student needs help. They can easily detect your mood through your gestures and will help you in any way to improve that.
  • Makes learning interesting – a good teacher is someone who can make learning easy by making it interesting and fun.
  • Note – we even provide you with the additional facility that to come to our institute and can talk to our instructors about the doubts and the queries. And, trust us our instructors would love to serve you with the best.

Ex-Vic Roads Examiner

The owner of our driving school is an ex-Vic Roads examiner. Hence, all our instructors and trainers are experienced in determining your driving abilities in a manner same as the Vic Roads examiner. Meaning, our instructors judge your driving skills as if you were appearing for your driving test; something which is crucial and important. In simpler terms, you are assessed on almost the same basis as you will be assessed in your driving test.

Dedicated Pointers with custom video of your driving.

Our team of dedicated professionals closely monitors and observes every decision you make while driving. Owing to our comprehensive observations we identify areas of improvement for you and help you overcome your weaknesses. Furthermore, the instructors even mentor on you on the mistakes you made and are viable to make with one-on-one discussions about how to avoid them with exact pointers and tips. We also record a custom video of your driving which clearly specifies the mistakes you have made with examples. You can play this video as many times before the next lessons.


Process of our Driving Lessons


process flow


Some points are always needed to remember while you are learning driving from our best trainers –

  • Feel comfortable – always felt free to ask your queries or doubts from our well-trained instructors and maintain a healthy relationship with a good communication skill with him or her to enhance your best possible skills.
  • Confidence – confidence is what makes you keep going, so be confident and learn even if you do mistakes.
  • Distractions – don’t let your mood or the environmental distractions disturb you or impact your driving skills. It will make your learning slower and you can even meet with an accident.
  • Learn all the traffic rules and regulations – the traffic rules and regulations are one of the most key factors that need to remember every time when you are on the road. But don’t just remember them but also follow them while you are on the roads to avoid any mishap.
  • Stay calm – patience and calmness are very important key factors to keep in mind while you are learning because it will eventually lead to more mistakes.
  • Get comfortable with your car – it is very important to feel familiar with the car which you are using to learn. Learn all the basic arrangements of that car in both the theory and the practical way.
  • Maintain a good pace – especially if you are a beginner don’t get excited and over speed your limit. Keep your temptations in the control and thus work within it.
  • Use horn only when it is really needed – doesn’t overuse the horn but use it when necessary to alert the people and the vehicles near you.
  • Be in a good position – it is crucial to attaining a good and comfortable position while driving to avoid getting distracted and losing control. Sit back in the straight position.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated when you are learning something new. It will help you to be calm and patient.
  • Take care of all the vehicles near you. Keep yourself and others safe on the road. Don’t support any rash driving.

Don’t panic, it’s absolutely not difficult to learn to drive a car. Believe in your abilities and stay focus, calm and composed. Because here we are to be with you and to guide and support you in every single step of your journey of your to learn the best driving skills for the best future experience. We assure our clients with the best services at the lowest possible prices. We work for our client and thus their improvement is our main motto.

Sol was an absolutely amazing driving instructor! I went from needing to just learn how to park, to not driving for a year and needing to learn all over again and she had me covered through everything! And now I have my P’s! Ahh! Thank you so much! Thank you very much sol for your kind and support for getting my Victorian driving license.

Meet our driving school Melbourne students:

driving school Cranbourne

Congratulations Japerin on passing your drive test at VicRoads Dandenong South on the first attempt with Transformers Driving School Dandenong

driving school dandenong

Congratulations Jeff on passing your drive test at VicRoads Dandenong South on the first attempt at Transformers Driving School in Dandenong

driving school dandenong

Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Dandenong South on the first attempt with Transformers Driving School in Dandenong

driving school Dandenong

Amazing drive, confident and ready to get that license in a very short time.
Bug congratulations to Shiva for passing her drive test at VicRoads Dandenong South with Transformers Driving School Dandenong. 
Well done and drive safely.

driving school Dandenong

What an amazing drive by scoring 100%. Big congratulations to Elise for passing her drive test at #vicroads #Dandenong with Transformers Driving School in Dandenong. We teach train and test you before you go for your drive test. Best driving school in Melbourne.

driving school dandenong

Seriously, this legend learnt most of the road rules within 3hrs of practice able to convert and successfully get his Australian full license.
Big congratulations on the perfect drive.
For bookings call 0404 119 119 or visit
#pass #overseas #license #test #vicroads at Dandenong South with Transformers Driving School in Dandenong, Melbourne.
Well done and drive safely.

Meet our Manual and Automatic driving instructors in Melbourne

driving instructor Melbourne

Driving Instructor and Owner of Driving School Melbourne

I am Sol have been a driving instructor for 6 years, he has completed masters degree in Law & Economics. His area of work in complete Melbourne area concentrating on Frankston, Dandenong, Mooroolbark,  Cranbourne, Mornington, Dromana and Pakenham areas.

driving instructor

Driving Instructor Melbourne, Frankston, Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne and surrounding suburbs

Most believe that drive test is really hard, I will make that easy for you. Your Success, Our Pride, Students Who Successfully Passed Their Drive Test With Transformers Driving School in Melbourne



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