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Our Driving School Promise: You will become safe driver & Pass your Driving Test in Beaconsfield with our driving lessons

Automatic Car Prices
60 MIN Lesson
Automatic Car Prices/packages
1 60 min Lesson $50 - PrePaid
1 60 min Lesson $55 - Postpaid
Drive Test only - $140
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Manual Driving Lessons
60MIN Lesson
Automatic Car Prices/packages
1 60 min Lesson $60 - Prepaid
1 60 min Lesson $65 - Postpaid
Drive Test only $150
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Quick License

Book Your Drive Test Package
Book Your Red or Green Ps
Intenstive Test route Pratice
Convert Your Overseas License



Unlimited Car Support

Automatic or Manual Transmission
Dual Control Vehicle
Hatchback or Sedan


Video Classes

Learners & Beginners
Hazard Perception Test
Drive Test Preparation


Experience Instructors

Ex VicRoads Test Officers
Well Experienced On Road Rules
Multilingual & Highly Educated
Knowing Test Routes Better Than Anyone Else


Any Time Any Place

We Come To You
We Cover Most Southeastern Suburbs
Pickups From Home or VicRoads


Learning Roads

We Teach Everything You Need To Know
Emergency Situations
Avoid Accidents & Driving Safely

Our Driving Lessons in Beaconsfield


Learners (L to P) to Probationary License Driving Lessons

For Learners Who Are Completing Their 120 Hours of Supervised Driving (L TO P driving lessons). Plus help you clear driving test. We have a driving car (Toyota CORROLA) to train you. Become a Safe P Plater. We normally charge $60 per hour for a driving lesson in Beaconsfield. We have bulk packages. Ask us for bulk classes discount. In these classes, we will train you in different driving routes, road conditions and different timing. As, it is important for learners to drive during the night times, daytimes, peak times, tough roads conditions, while its raining, when the roads are slippery etc. These classes will make you a better and confident driver.


Driving Lessons for Overseas Drivers and License Holders

For Overseas License Holder Who Wish To Learn Road Rules And Defensive Driving. We have manual and automatic driving packages with few driving classes and drive test. The most popular package is three 60 minutes lessons plus drive test for $295 (3 Lessons & A Test $295). Three to Four classes would be sufficient for overseas drivers, we teach you through the official driving routes in Beaconsfield, we explain you the checklist a driving examiner would be measuring and our driving instructor in Endeavour Hills would act as an examiner to provide you pointers to make sure you don’t make those mistakes during your actual test.


Intensive Driving Lesson

This is for drivers who are safe drivers and are confident driving. If you want to clear your driving test with limited time span (if your driving test is coming up in a week or two weeks) then this is the right package for you. Our suggestion would be “three 60 minutes lessons plus drive test for $295 (3 Lessons & A Test $295)”. Three to Four classes would be sufficient as a refresher, we teach you through the official driving routes in all Melbourne, explain you the checklist a driving examiner in Beaconsfield would be looking out for and act as an examiner to provide you pointers to avoid mistakes.


Emergency Driving Lessons - Suitable for drivers who has driving test in 2 to 3 days.

There are not many experienced manual and automatic driving instructors in Beaconsfield available with a driving car and the few available are fully booked. Our driving instructors are available in Beaconsfield so the availability for the manual and automatic instructor is very high. If you have a manual or automatic driving test anywhere in Beaconsfield coming up in 2 to 3 days and need an emergency driving instructor, then we have a package for you. 1 class for 60 minutes to give you pointers and driving test for  $185(1 Lesson & A Test $185).

There are ample number of automatic and manual driving schools Beaconsfield, Transformers driving school holds its head high among them as we believe in creating driving experts. Our well experienced instructors will train you in an customized way.

We believe in turning you to safe and responsible drivers. At the same time, we design our curriculum strictly so that you can easily pass your driving skill test for obtaining your license in BEACONSEFIELD

Here is a list of some great features that distinguishes us from other driving schools in BEACONSEFIELD

  • Responsible instructors: – A whole team of highly experienced driving instructor Beaconsfield are our asset. They will train you in the most amazing way. They will teach you to handle all types of roads and routes better than what is taught in any other manual driving school Beaconsfield. Moreover, our driving school has team of multilingual instructors to cater to all kinds of students
  • Quick license – With our interactive sessions you can easily get your license at the fastest. You can also book your red or green P’s. We have specially designed test courses for international license conversion.
  • Unlimited car support – In our driving school, you can learn driving on any type of car. All types of automatic and manual cars are available for training purpose. In our school, there are lots of hatchback and sedan car models for both automatic and manual driving lessons Beaconsfield
  • Video classes: – We also offer special online video classes to help out students.
  • Learning roads: –Our instructors will impart you right kind of driving lessons Beaconsfield

The best advantage that you get when you chose us, is that we pick you up and drop you at your convenient location.  Be it the VicRoads, Corrigan roads, Heatherton road. We often provide the service of picking up our students from BEACONSEFIELD railway station or dropping you exactly there after the classes are over.

Our drive test Beaconsfield are centered around strategic areas of BEACONSEFIELD like the Lightwood road. Various tactics of driving and speed maintaining on princess highway. Sandown areas are chosen for basic and advanced lessons.

There is a significant difference in driving through main roads of Melbourne and suburbs of Melbourne like BEACONSEFIELD. Through our driving lessons you will not only be able to learn these differences but also learn how to tackle with both.

When you join our classes

  • You shall learn safe driving
  • Learn to handle manual and automatic cars alike through customized automatic and manual driving lessons Beaconsfield
  • Get an easy pass
  • Learn in a proper curriculum
  • 100 percent guaranteed performance on the VicRoads

Various courses that you can choose from: –

  • L to P driving lessons

This is the basic course in driving. Once you complete a single L to P course session of 120 hours of logbook driving lessons you will become a probationary(P) from a Learner(L). These beginners’ classes for the first-time learner driver are beneficial. The cost is nominal that is only a 60$ per hour of class. Attractive discounts on choosing bulk classes are available.

  • Intensive driving lessons

This is an apt crash course for people who already know how to drive. This is kind of a reinforcement of your driving lessons Beaconsfield. These helpful refresher driving lessons will come under only 295$


  • Driving lessons for overseas license

If you are willing to learn some great skills for defensive driving or qualifying tests for getting your overseas license then this one is the best for you. Our driving instructor Beaconsfield will teach you some special skills and techniques for serving your purpose. This course also comprises of 3 learning classes with one test. The course fee is 295$.This will be highly beneficial for you to qualify the test for international license conversion.

  • Express driving tests

All our class sessions are accompanied by worthy drive tests Beaconsfield to measure your proficiency in the learning of driving skills. The tests are held through most of the important roads and areas of BEACONSEFIELD which are in the suburbs of Melbourne

We are top driving school in Melbourne.

Sol was an absolutely amazing driving instructor! I went from needing to just learn how to park, to not driving for a year and needing to learn all over again and she had me covered through everything! And now I have my P’s! Ahh! Thank you so much! Thank you very much sol for your kind and support for getting my Victorian driving license.

Meet our driving school Melbourne students:

driving school Pakenham

Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Pakenham on the first attempt with Transformers Driving School Pakenham

driving school Frankston

Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Frankston on the first attempt at Transformers Driving School in Frankston

driving school Frankston

Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Frankston on the first attempt with Transformers Driving School in Frankston

driving school Melbourne

Amazing drive, confident and ready to get that license in a very short time.
Bug congratulations to Nicole for passing her drive test at VicRoads Warragul with Transformers Driving School Melbourne. 
Well done and drive safely.

driving school Melbourne

What an amazing drive by scoring 100%. Big congratulations to Elise for passing her drive test at #vicroads #Dandenong with Transformers Driving School in Dandenong. We teach train and test you before you go for your drive test. Best driving school in Melbourne.

driving school Melbourne

Woohoo, another success story to be told. Big congratulations to Callum for the amazing drive and passing his drive test with confidence at Mooroolbark VicRoads with Transformers Driving School in Mooroolbark, Melbourne.
Well done and drive safely.

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