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Drive Test Dandenong - Official Drive Test Routes - Driving School Dandenong |

Vic Roads Dandenong Customer Service Centre Address: 72-74 Greens Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175.

Working Hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Driving Test for overseas drivers: It is important to get your overseas drivers licenses verified. Before attempting to book a practical drive test you need to first pass VIC learners test and VIC Hazard Perception test.

Driving Test for Learners drivers over the age of 21 years: Once you passed your learners test it is important to take a learner permit to start driving classes in Dandenong. It is not mandatory requirement for learners’ drivers to complete 120 hours of logbook training. But it, recommended to hire a driving school in Dandenong for atleast 20 to 30 hours and learn with a professional instructor who can teach you to become a good driver.

Driving test for learners under the age of 21 or below: It is important to read and practice the rules book. You can download the learners test rule book VIC also called as Road to Solo Driving Handbook from here: . Once you have read the book, pass a learner’s test, once you have passed learners test apply for Learner’s permit. With Learner’s Permit you can practice driving with a supervised qualified driver and an L Board. You need to complete 120 hours of logbook training. This Logbook will be verified before the start of your driver’s test by driving examiner in VicRoads Dandenong.

Tip: Take photographs of your logbook’s pages regularly so you have a backup, many a learner has lost their book and had to start all over again.

On The day of Driving Test at VicRoads Dandenong – What to expect on the day

With our driving school we normally ask the student to come 90 minutes before the driving test timing and we take you out for a driving lesson covering one to two of the official test routes. But there is no guarantee that the examiner will take you through the same route. But our lesson will give the students required confidence and practice to pass.

Driving test is divided into 2 parts:

1. a pre-drive check

2. on-road driving: This is further divided into 2 stages.

2(a). On-road driving – stage one

2(b). On-road driving – stage two

How long does a VicRoads driving test go for?

A total of 35 to 45 minutes is the involved during a drive test at VicRoads Dandenong.

1. a pre-drive check – 5 minutes

2. on-road driving: This is further divided into 2 stages.

2(a). On-road driving – stage one – 10 minutes

2(b). On-road driving – stage two – 20 minutes

Trick to passing it in one go: How can I pass my driving test?

The drive test Dandenong is very systematically designed and the driving examiner will reduce your marks based on the VicRoads drive test checklist. So, the best tip or trick to pass the driving test is to make sure you do not lose any point or very less points. Our driving instructors in Dandenong knows how to make you pass the driving test in first attempt, we have a track record of 100% pass rate. They will teach you exactly how not to lose points and follow the checklist 100%. A driving examiner is always comfortable with a driving school car because they know that the car is safe, regularly maintained, the learner who is giving the test has been trained in Dandenong and it has a dual pedal.

VicRoads Dandenong drive test routes/ VicRoads Dandenong driving test – How can I pass my driving test?

Step 1: Parking in Vicroads:

Vicroads office in Dandenong have designated parking spots for cars on test. You should reverse the car into one of these spots so that when you start your test you can simply drive straight out. Don’t forget if you need to turn out of the spot you must indicate to leave the parking spot.

Step 2: Paper Verification: Once you park the car, in a designated parking spot. Go to the office, take a ticket and show your paperwork. The driving examiner will come in 5 minutes once you present yourself for the appointment. This is the time when you start the car, turn on the brake lights and be ready for the drive test.

Vicroads testing officer will do your paperwork, take your learner’s permit from you and keep it while your on test. they will check all your details, name, address that sort of thing.

Common Logbook errors:

  • Name and learners number at the top of every used page NOT filled in.
  • Supervising driver page not filled out.
  • Supervising driver signatures not the same as their signature at the front of the logbook.
  • Pages missing. The pages have to be filled in sequential order. Else, you lose the chance to give your test.

Tip. Take photographs of your logbook’s pages regularly so you have a backup, many a learner has lost their book and had to start all over again.

Step 3: Pre-drive check:

As soon as the paper verification is completed, the driving examiner will request you to go and wait in the car. This is the right time to get your car started, turn on the parking lights and make sure the “Buzzer” is active on the brake pedal. The examiner in VicRoads Dandenong before getting into car will inspect the car. Also, it is very important to turn off mobile devices.

The following in-car devices must be turned off during the drive test:

  • speed warning devices
  • cruise control
  • navigators
  • any form of audio and/or visual recording equipment (this does not include an alcohol interlock device fitted to the vehicle).

 The following are the instructions the examiner will instruct you to:

1. Identify and operate the following vehicle controls:

  • indicators
  • windscreen washer and wipers
  • horn
  • headlights (high and low beam)
  • hazard lights
  • brake lights.

2. Identify the handbrake.

3. Identify but not operate the following vehicle controls:

  • windscreen demister
  • rear window demister (where fitted).

4. Start the engine.

Here some of the learner drivers fail because they were using their own car and they must have forgotten to get the car checked up by a qualified mechanic. Driving school in Dandenong cars are always meeting this requirements.

If you are unable to identify or complete point 1 and 2 the examiner will cancel the test or you will not be permitted to take the drive test.

For point 3, if you are unable to identify it, then the examiner will show you, it is important for you to remember it as it might be required to use it during the driving test and if you fail to point it out or implement it then you will be failed.

This is almost 5 minutes task, simple task but very important task. This is one of the main reasons to hire a driving school car rather than using your own car. Driving school cars are regularly maintained and serviced. Their cars meet the driving test criteria.

Drive test checklist which is required to demonstrate during driving.

You must consistently demonstrate safe driving behaviours while driving in different traffic conditions. During the drive test, the licence testing officer will be assessing you on:

  • observation
  • signal use
  • gap selection
  • speed choice
  • following distance
  • lateral position
  • stop position
  • parking
  • control.

Driving test officer will be deducting points based on the above criteria. So, it is important to meet the above criteria.

Step 4: On-road driving – stage one: As, soon as the examiner sits in the vehicle, the examiner will instruct you not to talk or chat, we can speak to the examiner if you are unable to understand the task.

Tip: Here lot of learners fail, the few of the main reasons are:

Driving above the speed limit

Head Check

Parallel parking/Reverse Parking

Three-point turn

The driving examiner will assess you in less challenging situations. The first drive is in a shared zone with a speed limit of 10km/hr, this zone is in VicRoads Dandenong office. Here you need to drive below 10km/hr till you reach the entrance of the office and starting and stopping of vehicle begins.

VicRoads Dandenong drive test routes/ VicRoads Dandenong driving test:

Greens Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175

Vicroads Dandenong

In this route, the compulsory road you will be covering is:

Greens Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175

Greens Rd – This road has couple of roundabouts, giveaways.

From Greens Rd the, the examiner will take you through a school zone and residential area. It is important to meet the required speed limit in these lanes.

There are few residential areas which are normally followed by examiners which we cannot predict. But the areas are normally with less traffic and easy to perform the tasks.

driving school dandenong

Then for next tasks, you will be asked to drive into residential area where you will be asked to perform either parallel parking or three-point turn.

Here, once you finish parking along the curb, keep your leg on the brake pedal, life the handbrake and turn off the engine. Then you can inform the examiner that you have finished the task.

Stage one may include:

  • starting and stopping the vehicle
  • left and right turns at intersections
  • changing lanes.

Stage one also includes a low-speed parking manoevre. The testing officer will instruct you to complete one of the following:

  • reverse park
  • three point-turn.

Once you finish the Stage 1 of driving test, the examiner will tell you if you need to move further or if you failed the test. At any point during the test, do not drive more than the required speed.

Step 4: On-road driving – stage two:

Once you are advised to drive further you, keep your leg on brake pedal and turn on the engine and lower the handbrake. At this section, please provide an indicator, do head check, wait for 5 seconds and drive further. If you’re unsure of an instruction, ask for it to be repeated.

Here in this stage, you will be taken into higher traffic roads.

VicRoads Dandenong drive test routes/ VicRoads Dandenong driving test:

driving school dandenong

The compulsory roads you will be travelling is Frankston-Dandenong Road/Princess Highway and Greens road. Her you will come across 80 km/hr, school zone and also shared zone. The few other roads which you might come across your driving test are: Kitchen Road, South Gippsland Highway, Princess Highway, Pound Road, Hammond Road, Abotts Road,Studd Road etc. 

Stage two will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Stage two may include:

  • driving in busy traffic
  • changing lanes
  • merging with other traffic
  • driving on straight and curved roads.
  • Tip: The most important and common rule in stage two is do head check. This is the point which will help you pass the test. A lot of students fail with head check. You might be a confident driver, but this one point will make you a safer driver.

Serious errors during the drive test:

There are two distinct types of serious errors:

  • immediate termination error
  • critical error.

What are different kinds of immediate termination errors:

An immediate termination error will be recorded if you:

  • collide with another vehicle or fail to give way, signal, or check for other road users and someone else has to avoid a collision
  • mount the kerb while driving
  • exceed the speed limit by 5 km/h or more at any time
  • exceed the speed limit by any amount for five seconds or more
  • exceed the speed limit by any amount in a ‘school’ speed limit area
  • fail to give way, signal or check for other road users, and someone else has to avoid a collision
  • stop the car in a dangerous position
  • drive through a stop sign or red traffic light
  • disobey a direction from your testing officer or a member of the Victoria Police, or if your instructor or testing officer provides any kind of verbal or physical assistance
  • do anything else that creates an unsafe situation.

Please refer Vicroads website: (

The different kinds of Critical errors:

  • A critical error will be recorded if you:
  • drive too slowly for the conditions
  • fail to look or signal but no evasive action is required from other road users
  • block a pedestrian crossing but no pedestrians are affected
  • allow one wheel of your car to mount the kerb when parking or leaving a parking space
  • stall your car
  • slow and pause, but do not stop your car completely at a stop sign and other road users or pedestrians are not endangered
  • do something else that is potentially unsafe but that does not result in an immediate risk of collision or injury.

Please refer Vicroads website: (

Dandenong Test Route – Easy?

Dandenong test routes is easy compared to test routes which involves tram zone. Frankston usually has medium traffic compared to other VicRoads office.

Failed my first driving test, need advice!. What happens if you fail your driving test?

If you fail the drive test, then it is recommended you join a driving school in Dandenong who is well experienced and teach you safe driving. Drive test is all about safe driving. It is not important to learn the routes, it is important to learn the rules.

Step 5 Test complete

Park the car & make it safe, the tester does some more paperwork adds up your score and will advise you if you have passed.

If you have passed head inside do your hair so you look real pretty for your photo, go and pay for your new licence then get your photo done !!

VicRoads – Dandenong Customer Service Centre:

72-74 Greens Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175

This office covers areas around Dandenong like: Cranbourne, Dandenong South, Dandenogn North, Dandenong West, Noble Park, Keysbrough, Endeavour Hills, Hampton Park, Springvale, Clayton, Hallam etc.


How does Vic Roads Dandenong driving work?


The Vic roads work in a particular fashion. There are three main categories in which the students are first categorized. This is done so that people don’t get to learn things that won’t benefit them in any future ahead. Here are the three categories in which the functioning happens:

  1. Students aged well below 21 years of age: As far s the legal age of the area is satisfied, the students will be allowed to have a full fledged learning process. The processes differ from one category to the other, but the outcome remains the same nevertheless. The students below the age of 21 are first taught basics more in depth before hitting the roads.
  2. Students above the age of 21: The students that are well above the age of 21 are matured enough to make decisions and hence are ready to hit the roads right after the basic theory knowledge that is taught.
  3. Driving test for overseas drivers: the overseas learners who are here for halts are taken into different groups altogether.

Why go for a driving school?

Driving schools are teachers in disguise, who not just help you learn but also take you through the exams. Have you ever heard about people knowing driving but yet didn’t qualify for the driving tests? This happens when people learn without enrolling themselves in the driving schools and skipping through the technical knowledge of roads, governments and the vehicles. We, at the driving school Dandenong, do it the other way round. We don’t train just for people to clear the license tests but so they become good drivers later.

Here are some reasons why driving schools are always better over self learning;

  1. Drive lessons Dandenong should start with theory. And when we say that, we don’t mean reading up books on mechanics of the vehicles or on how the rules go. But it all involves how exactly someone should prepare to become responsible and good drivers in any provided state or country. The driving schools prefer starting with the basics, even if you know through a lot of things.
  3. The tests matter eventually- if you keep failing the theory part and accomplishing the final goal of having your license, what point is self-learning? The license will be the ultimatum always. So remember, the driving schools always come up with the packages that involve giving you licenses. They won’t spoon feed you with what is needed, but will guide you through what must be done anyway.


  1. Be better and responsible drivers: Drive test Dandenong is something which is easier to look at, but eventually goes beyond the point of responsibility. The driving schools focus on being better drivers in general than just being drivers in general. Being better drivers help you tackle all situations with ease and without panicking. When people self-learn, they don’t get to get through difficult situations.

How do people learn differently with driving schools?

People get to learn differently when they are in driving schools because they get exposed too many severe situations. The driving schools teach the students in all possible dangerous situations within the city limits and off limits too. This happens way too often that drivers lose confidence when they get exposed to roads they are not familiar with. That is something which is curbed down at the driving schools.

The driving schools have drivers who are not just licensed to drive but also licensed to teach. The teachers are familiar with even the type of roads that don’t fall in the city limits. This is the reason why people who learn from driving schools are more confident of all the types of roads than people who are not.


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