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Whether you need intensive training, practice before the test, or simply need your overseas license converted, we have your back.
Our team includes ex-test officers who know the test process, are well-versed with road rules & what it takes to clear the tests.
Whether you prefer manual transmission over automatic or the other way round, we have hatchback and sedan versions of both.

About Us

Helping students clear their driving tests in Pakenham a single try!

Whether you need Learners to Probationary license driving lessons, an intensive crash course in driving ahead of the test, or simply looking to hone your skills, we at Transformers Driving School Pakenham are here to help.

We have a reputation for providing compassionate and well-tailored custom driving lessons to all. Connect with us for industry-best driver’s training at great competitive rates.

  • Learn the basics as well as work on your defensive driving skills
  • Experienced and compassionate driving instructors
  • Driving lessons from just $70
Tranding Courses

Our Courses Upskill You With Driving Training


Automatic Driving Lesson

The basic package at Transformers Driving School has been designed for those looking to learn driving in cars with automatic transmission. Package includes 60 min lessons .


Drive Test

Transformers Driving School offers a driving test package for $220, which includes: • Pick-up from your chosen location • 45-minute pre-test driving lesson • Use of your instructor’s vehicle for the driving test • Drop off to your chosen location


Manual Driving Lesson

Manual driving lesson at Transformers Driving School has been designed for those looking to learn driving in cars with manual transmission. You can take the lessons at the time of your choice.

Why Choose Us!

Best Driving Instructor in Pakenham

Want to learn driving under the supervision of experienced driving instructors? Join us at Transformers Driving School for quality lessons in Pakenham. We help you become confident behind the wheel.


Fully Licensed

Learn from the best driving instructors in manual or automatic vehicles


In-depth Training

We train you on different driving routes and road and weather conditions


Affordable Charges

Custom driving lessons within your reach! Hone your driving skills, now!


Best Trainers

Our trainers will help you on how to ace the driving test at the first go.

The best way to choose the right driving lesson package for you is to assess your current abilities and determine what kind of help you need. For example, if you already have a valid learner's permit, then a basic refresher course may be all that's needed. On the other hand, if you are completely new to driving, then it makes sense to opt for an extensive program with multiple lessons.

When choosing your driving lesson package, consider the following factors:

- Your budget - How much can you afford?

- Instructor experience - Does the instructor have years of teaching experience?

- Location - Is it convenient for you?

- Time commitment - Do you have time for regular lessons?

For each driving lesson, it is important that you bring along your current driver's license, learner’s permit, and any other documents required by the state.

Additionally, it is important to wear comfortable shoes and clothing that allows for free movement in case adjustments need to be made.

It is also essential that you bring a positive attitude with you to each lesson and remain focused during the duration of the session.

Pakenham, Officer, Clyde, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Frankston, Berwick

Monday to Sunday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Following your introductory lesson, the instructor will be able to determine precisely how many lessons you need based on criteria such as:

• Previous driving background (if any)

• Self-assurance when behind the wheel

• Speed of grasping and executing driving techniques

New Drivers:

For those beginning their journey to becoming a driver, we strongly advise taking 7-20 hours of driving lessons from an accredited instructor. Everyone learns at different speeds, so you must be comfortable with the material and understand what has been taught before taking your road test - for safety's sake as well as passing!

New drivers who have already had some practice on the road should still consider at least 5 to 7 hours of driving instruction in order to perfect their skills and confidently pass the DMV test.

International Driver’s Licence Holders

For international driver's licence holders, we strongly advise scheduling a minimum of 3 to 5 hours of driving lessons before taking the test due to the disproportionately high failure rate. Research has shown that booking 2 to 3 hours of instruction prior is often not enough for successful passage on first attempt.

Driving a Manual Car:

For those learners who already possess an Australian Driver's Licence but would like to learn how to drive a manual vehicle, 3 - 5 hours of driving lessons is essential.

Transformers Driving School offers a driving test package for $220, which includes:

•     Pick-up from your chosen location

•     45-minute pre-test driving lesson

•     Use of your instructor’s vehicle for the driving test

•     Drop off to your chosen location

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